Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken the challenge to organize this congress face-to-face. This is due to the fact that 75% of the total population of Morocco has been vaccinated so far, including a third jab for millions, and it is constantly in progress.

The Omicron wave spreads the virus more rapidly, but seems to give less severe clinical situations.

The Director General of WHO announced that 2022 will represent the end of the pandemic, and many scientists around the world consider that coronavirus will become endemic with seasonal variations, and that it will become the “new normal” to live with. It is time to have our congress in person again! Moreover, the pandemic, that lasted so far more than two years, showed very clearly the necessity to address mental health difficulties and disorders, including with psychotherapeutic tools.

The theme of the World Congress is “Psychotherapy and World Mental Health 2023”. A superb scientific programme is being constructed on current challenges for psychotherapy worldwide, including innovations in our field, and the paths ahead of us. The scientific committee is led by César Alfonso, USA, Tom Craig, UK, Fiammetta Cosci, Italy and Gisele Apter, France.