International Federation for Psychotherapy

23rd World Congress of Psychotherapy: “Psychotherapy and World Mental Health 2023”

9-11 February 2023

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco


Please indicate ONE of the following for your PROPOSAL (see description below):SYMPOSIUM:  ___                                    INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP:  ___                   PANEL DISCUSSION: ___ CASE CONFERENCE: ____                          SINGLE PAPER: ____                                      ORAL COMMUNICATION: ___   


Symposia: 90 minutes duration, with 2 co-chairs, 4 presenters, 15 minutes per presenter, and 30 minutes of Q&A.

Interactive Workshops: 1 hour total duration. There will be 2 Workshop Facilitators who will dedicate the entire time to interact with the audience.

Panel Discussions: 1 hour total duration. Panels will have one Moderator and up to 3 additional panelists. Panelists will interact prompted by the moderator and some time at the end of interaction with audience via the moderator

Case Conferences: 1 hour total duration. Case conferences will have one moderator, one case presenter (5-15 minutes case illustration), and 2-3 discussants (10 minutes each). 5 minutes will be allotted for Q&A about case data and time at the end for audience interaction.

Paper Sessions: 15 minutes presentation of research findings or a clinical topic. Your paper will be placed with others thematically or by topic.

Oral Communications: 10 minutes presentation of relevant research findings or of a description of an innovative program. 



 PROPOSALS are due on OCTOBER 1st, 2022


English is the official language of the conference. The program committee may allow for some presentations to be delivered in Arabic, French or Spanish. 

Power Point Presentations:

Presenters are encouraged to organize their talks accompanied by power point slides. Slides are helpful for symposia, paper presentations and oral communications. However, they are not mandatory, especially for panel discussions, case conferences and interactive workshops. Bring your slides in portable memory sticks and email yourself back-up copies.

Presentation Ethics/Informed Consent

Informed Consent must be obtained for all clinical case presentations. You must mention that the patient(s) in the case report(s)/ presentation(s) gave informed consent. Additionally, you may disguise case material to protect confidentiality, but not as a substitution for informed consent. 


Presenters, panelists, chairs, moderators, and discussants are expected to be punctual and adhere to the published timetable/schedule.

Moderators and Chairs will help presenters adhere to the allotted time.


Select up to two topics that best describe the overall focus of your proposal:

CBTDBTACTThird-Wave TherapiesPsychodynamic PsychotherapyPsychoanalysisMotivational InterviewingInterpersonal TherapySupportive PsychotherapyGroup PsychotherapyFamily TherapyCouple TherapyPsychosocial TherapiesComputer-Assisted TherapiesTele-psychotherapyManualized PsychotherapiesCulturally Adapted PsychotherapiesCombined/Integrated PsychotherapiesPsychotherapy OutcomesPsychotherapy ResearchParent-Infant PsychotherapyPsychotherapy with Children and AdolescentsPsychotherapy in Late LifeEnd-of-Life and Palliative Care PsychotherapiesCOVID-19Psychotherapy and Primary CarePsychotherapy, Culture and SocietyReligion and SpiritualityNarrative MedicineRefugees, Displaced Persons and Asylum SeekersXenophobia, Stigma and DiscriminationLGBTQ+ affirmative psychotherapiesNatural DisastersClimate ChangeSuicide PreventionPersons   with Sensory impairment

TITLE of Symposium/Panel/Workshop/ Oral Communication/Paper (make sure title is brief and descriptive):

Presenter(s)/Panelists (for each presenter, list full names, email address, degrees, and institutional affiliation or place of practice):

Moderator/Co-chairs (if applicable):

Discussants (if applicable):


Panel Discussion: ____ Interactive Workshops: _____ Case Conference: ______

Oral Communication: _____ Paper Presentation: ______ Symposium: _______

TOPICS (Maximum of 2):



ABSTRACT (250 Words Maximum. The abstract should be a concise narrative description of the academic activity and specify what each speaker will contribute):

References (please add at least two bibliographic references of relevance to your proposal):




You may submit proposals electronically by emailing this form directly as a Word document attachment to: 

If you have questions, please contact the congress secretariat or César Alfonso, M.D. via email: 


All presenters are expected to register for the conference and pay registration fees according to the sliding scale published in the conference website: