Congress Language :

The official language of the 23 rd World Congress of Psychotherapy is English. Some sessions are in French

Visa & vaccination :

The visa formalities to Morocco vary according to the country of origin. Kindly, contact the nearest Moroccan Embassy or Consulate in your home country to request visa and or vaccination.

Letter of Invitation :

The congress is pleased to send a formal letter of invitation to any participant who requests it to help her / him get the visa to Morocco. This letter is not a commitment to provide any financial aid.

Insurance :

Kindly, note that the registration fees do not include any insurance. Each participant should arrange her / his own insurance. Health & incident insurance is stongly recommended and should be purchased in the country of origin.

Citizens of  many countries worldwide are exempted entry visa to Morocco ,Please check your country in the link of the ministry of foreign affairs of Morocco below

Citizen of countries not listed on the previous link can apply for a eVisa  , please check  the list for the nearest Moroccan embassy or consulate to serve you .